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Break Beat Bandits feature musicians from across Devon and Somerset who came together with one single put together a new kind of band that would reshape samba and captivate audiences in pubs, clubs and festivals.

Throughout 2017 the Bandits rehearsed and refined their sound, building a repertoire of some of the best-loved dance songs and mixing them with huge Brazilian samba rhythms.  They gigged at some of the finest local events including Altitude Festival, Newt Beer Fest and Exmouth Pride, impressing crowds at every show.  With each performance being different from the last, the Bandits showed that they were capable of producing a live show unlike any other band.


Having performed at festivals, events and pubs, the Bandits have built up a hugely supportive fanbase across the South West.  Their distinctive sound and look has made them stand out as one of the most exciting live acts in the area and with the passion that these players have for their music things are only going to get bigger and bigger for the Break Beat Bandits.


Pubs & Clubs

Festivals & Events

From festival stages to intimate pub gigs,

Break Beat Bandits will get you on your feet and keep you there!

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