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First gig of 2018

It was wet.

It was a bit chilly.

It was awesome.

We arrived in Taunton on Saturday and in spite of some...slightly unfavourable weather we set up our gear and got ready to play. Within a few minutes of the first song we managed to get a crowd of people together listening, dancing and clapping along.

This was a really exciting gig for us as we were debuting some of the new songs we've been working on recently - Samba de Janeiro, We Found Love, and I Gotta Feeling went down a storm and felt great.

After about 40 minutes we had a little break to free up some space and let people move on.

We played again a short while later and again managed to draw a massive crowd.  We were even joined by an impromptu bell player who danced and played with some of our Mini-Bandits!

It was a wicked day - thank you so much to everyone who came along and had some fun with us.  Can't wait to get back into Taunton again soon!

Taunton January 2018
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