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January 2019

So 2018 was totally awesome.

We played a bunch of gigs that we'd never done before and had a great time at them all.

Home Farm Fest

Curry Rivel Live

The Newt Festival, Main Stage!

Port Eliot on the Ace of Clubs Stage! (Thank you again, Born Hectic!)

Absolutely amazing.

We ended the year in style (and in what is fast becoming our Christmas tradition!) by playing our Frozen Snowballs tour!  Basically a bunch of gigs in and around the South West in the run up to Christmas!

We played at the Exeter Christmas Lights Switch-On (check out a live video from In Exeter here) as well as the Taunton Winter Festival.  We also played in Totnes at the Christmas market, Glastonbury Frost Fayre and returned to Newton Abbot to play our street set.  We finished back in Taunton again for one final street set on the last late-night-shopping night.  This was really cool as we met some of the awesome people from Fuse Somerset Outdoor Arts who did some wicked fire juggling while we played.  We've never had fire performers with us before so we were totally transfixed on their amazing skills while we were playing!

Here's a video of some of the highlights of Frozen Snowballs 2018...

Frozen Snowballs 2018
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As we now prepare to launch our first wave of gigs for 2019 we decided to put together an updated promo video as well.  We're really proud of the gigs we've played and have loved every minute of every one so we wanted to showcase some of these here.  We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did performing it!