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June 2018

It's been a hell of a year so far!

We started the year with a few festivals in the pipeline and a bunch of gigs around the South West.  As the months have gone on we're so proud to say we've played around Devon and Cornwall on some big stages as well as some of our favourite town-centre spots.

We had a blast playing at Castle Green in Taunton, where we able to get shoppers, passers-by and families all together for a dance.  We found out afterwards that we even played Insomnia while a couple were saying their wedding vows nearby!!  It's ok, they said they liked it!

In June we played at Home Farm Festival.  This was a great event raising money for School In A Bag - an awesome charity dedicated to helping young people.  We had an amazing reception with loads of people up and dancing, and enjoying themselves.

We also played at Curry Rivel Live, an awesome micro-festival just north of Taunton.  This was a great gig and we were so warmly welcomed by the crew and organisers, as well as the audience in the main tent.  It was a great afternoon playing music we love.

Samba de Jan
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We then went down to Truro to play with our friends from the Truro School of Samba and Energia.  This was a really great afternoon blasting out some music on the Lemon Quay in the centre of the city.  Afterwards we went to the Barley Sheaf and had a blast there too!